An emcee is the master of ceremonies at an event. They will carry out proceedings as the host, making sure everyone sticks to your agenda by moving along performers or telling people what’s happening next, as well as providing a few jokes to lighten the mood if appropriate.

A good emcee knows how to spice up an event with their unique personality. They bring life to the management of your function or event, ensuring things run smoothly and go the way you would want them to. While relieving you of the stress of crowd control and speaking at the actual event, emcees will also make sure that everyone is having fun, meaning your event is memorable and enjoyable for all attendees. Emcees are not easy to find, especially not talented ones. Luckily we have a selection of extremely good emcees on our books who have all the qualities which will allow you to run an extraordinary event for your clients, friends or colleagues. Our emcees are reliable, personable and good improvisers, which means we’ve got you covered in terms of hosting an event.

Reliability is key in an emcee. We can’t stress enough how terrible it is to have a performer just not show up, or show up late, to any event that is important to a client. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to ensure that all of our emcees are punctual and able to deliver. They will not only show up on time, every time, they will deliver a high quality performance that meets all of your standards and requirements. The emcees we hire are the best in the business, and are reliable not in just showing up, but also in the quality compere service they deliver.

The ability to connect with an audience is absolutely vital for a good emcee. If there is no connection, the event can feel awkward as the person up on the stage is not doing a good job. Don’t fear, because we screen our emcees for this too. They are all incredible at sussing out who’s in the audience and how to best relate to them as a host. Our emcees make everyone feel welcome and happy, so that your event will go exactly as you planned it.

Improvisation is another skill we make sure all our emcees have, and it’s hard to find in an amateur emcee. Everyone knows that an event will most likely not go exactly how you expect it to go. This means that when something out of the blue does happen, you need an emcee who can roll with it. The audience, that is, the attendees of your event, will be happy and relaxed if they see that the emcee up in front of them is too. Whatever happens, our emcees will stay smiling and positive, making sure that their audience is content too.

Don’t settle for an amateur emcee for your big day, whether it’s a wedding or corporate function. So many things could go wrong, but hiring an emcee through us means that whatever happens, the host of your event will stay on your side, helping the event run smoothly throughout the day or night. We have a range of emcees available for any event, to help you with your big day.


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