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Book your Plus size models today with Top Models. Plus Size are the new size zero of the millennium. Contact  With our lifestyle trend, people don’t get thinner over time. Women start to gain weight in their late 20s or early 30s and put on a pound every single year during their 40s and 50s. This scenario is factual and inevitable. Only a portion of women stays thin and slender as they age and only a few will be able to fit in those size 4 dresses. Therefore, size zero fashion models do not really depict the reality that women all over the world needs more than just a show. 

In Sydney, they started to put up model agencies for plus size models. It’s an innovation to the societal norm that only the slim models have the right to claim the catwalk. Surprisingly, the plus size modeling industry in Sydney is currently booming and a lot of modeling agencies are looking for potential plus size models and talents.

For starters, a plus size model is somewhere between a UK size 12 to 16 and around 5′8″ to 6′0″tall. Size 18 to 20 models are also welcome, however, agencies seldom prefer these sizes so it’s better not to keep your hopes up, but you might as well try. For those wanting to enter the industry to become plus size models in Sydney, here are some reminders to help you attain a perfect shape.

Tone up. Although you are expected to be larger than usual, agencies prefer someone with toned up body structure. Exercise a bit to tone up your arms, thighs and butt so that you’ll look good in photos and runway shows. After all, you might be required to represent a swimwear or lingerie line.

Be in proportion. Plus size models are still required to keep the usual ten inch body proportion. Avoid gaining too much weight on your top or bottom. Your body should look balanced and healthy at the same time.

Rest well. Having enough sleep won’t hurt your career. Despite your busy schedule, make sure that you get sufficient sleep so that you’ll be ready for the next day’s activity. Keep in mind that lack of sleep can result to sudden weight loss and being a plus size model, you can’t afford to drop a pound.

For you to become a successful plus size model in Sydney, you must be determined and dedicated at the same time. Your desire to become successful in your chosen career will defy all odds that delimit your potential. The plus size modeling industry becomes highly competitive and for you to stand out, you have to make sure that you want this career more than anyone else. Focus on your life goals and take good care of yourself. This way, you’ll become not just a model, but an inspiration to hundreds of aspiring plus size models in Sydney.


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