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Hiring a promotional model (or a ‘promo girl/guy’) for your company or to sell product at an event or function is an extremely effective mode of advertising. Instead of having a beautiful, but fake, poster girl or poster guy to make your product more appealing, you can instead have a real live person doing the same thing, who can tell consumers and journalists about your product as well as making it look good. These models remove the distance between the consumers and the products they may see on a billboard or TV ad, and create a sense of accessibility for the public. Promotional models don’t just help to sell products, they make them come alive, adding energy and excitement with this fun way of attracting consumers.

Good promotional models in Sydney are not always easy to find. The perfect promotional model needs to have a degree of professionalism that many amateurs who market themselves as promotional models do not have. With our Australian ‘do it yourself’ mentality, many people believe that the should not outsource for something like promotional modelling, which surely many people could do. The fact is, working as a promotional model is not as easy as it seems. A promotional model is the face of the company, especially in such a tight market as Sydney.

There are a lot of skills required of the ultimate promotional model. They must be sociable and innovative, and able to represent a company at a range of events with the same energy and flair. Never lost for words, they will always be selling your products, either with a smile or a well thought out conversation. They must therefore have a lot of experience in this field, so that they can build up a lasting connection with consumers and companies quickly. With so many events on in Sydney, having a great promotional model to represent your company out in the real world, with big consumers, is one of the best ways to spread the word. Social media posts with the promotional model will elevate the status and popularity of your brand for the whole world to see, so while targeting specific events may seem narrow, it is a wise decision if you have a promotional model in your team.

The brand awareness raised by having a promotional model to represent your company or product is incredible, and outdoes anything created by a static ad which consumers cannot relate to nearly as much as a real person. Promo girls and guys can make or break a company in the eyes of consumers, so choose carefully. Don’t settle for an amateur to do a job that is so very important for your company’s status; choose the best promotional model you can find in Sydney.


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