Tattooed Models

Tattooed models are models that do not fit into any conventional types of models. Some examples of alternative models include Goth, punk, tattooed, and fetish models, among many others. The main thing about these models is the fact that they have distinct attributes that are being sought after by companies and brands that a looking for those specific attributes. Most of these alternative models fall in between (of a cross of both) art modeling and glamour modeling.

At TOP MODEL AND EVENTS we boast of a wide range of alternative models that are very professional and can help you and your business (or brand) achieve the set goals. Our male and female tattooed models are handpicked from different cities all over Australia to make sure that we have enough variety to cater for every company’s needs. Whether you are looking for an tattooed model in Sydney, or anywhere else in Australia, you can rest assured that we will always deliver the best.

All our alternative models in Australia have been carefully selected and have excellent communication skills, good looks, great marketing and sales experience, professional attitude, and dedicated to ensuring that your brand meets its intended goals. Unlike most modeling agencies out there that will charge you truckloads of cash, at TOP MODEL AND EVENTS, we will only charge you a small fraction for our topnotch and professional male and female alternative models in Australia.

Here is a list of some of our best male and female alternative models in Australia


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